On the road to the Cloud - episode 2


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Thursday, May 25, 2023
11:00 - 12:00

SmartView stakeholders



Atlassian Certified Expert Consultant

" Atlassian Consultant since 2018 Atlassian Certified Expert "

Atlassian Server products are now in their final year of maintenance. The expiration date is February 2024.

Many customers have already migrated their data to the Atlassian Cloud or a Data Center solution, or have at least initiated their migration project.  

-> And you, where do you stand? 

If the Data Center is an alternative for the organizations for which the local hosting is an inescapable requirement, Atlassian has clearly defined a "Cloud first" strategy, and has set up tools and migration processes to accompany its customers towards this new mode of hosting. 

For the last 2 years, SmartView teams have been able to realize in collaboration with Atlassian teams numerous projects of migration of Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence or BitBucket to the Atlassian Cloud.  

If all our migration projects have been successfully completed, the days and sometimes the evenings of our consultants have not always been a long quiet river... 

What are the good surprises? The points of attention? The products that gave us the most cold sweats?

And most importantly, the bonus question: Why might your Trello users impact your migration plan and Atlassian Cloud licenses? 

One year after our first webinar on the subject, we propose a new event to share our latest experience and help you plan your migration project, anticipating the challenges, opportunities and risks. 

See you on 25/05/2023 at 11am to find out more! 

And if you're not available, sign up for a replay of the webinar!

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