Product Manager training


Learn how to manage your projects and products with an agile approach, in a short and effective training course.

The aim: to acquire key skills for the role of Product Manager, in a training program that fits in with the pace of your professional activity. And benefit from the field experience of experienced, working consultants.

  • Specific training to meet the challenges of the Product Manager's job
  • Validation of blocks of skills in a certification recognized by the RNCP (France compétences)
Product manager training, delivered by SmartView agile coaches, certified by a diploma.
Find out why you should choose the product manager training provided by Montpellier Business School and SmartView agile coaches.

Why choose this Product Manager training course?

The Product Manager must know how to manage, control and steer all the stages of agile planning from A to Z.

Become the conductor of your digital product

The role of Product Manager is essential. Learn how to federate a vision, consolidate key functionalities, arbitrate choices, prioritize decisions, communicate with stakeholders on a roadmap, and so on.

Continuously improve your products

Learn how to implement the principles and practices of agile product management. Control the quality of your products and seize opportunities for improvement. Our trainers share their wealth of experience with you. They have been supporting PO/PM teams on a daily basis for over 15 years. 

Harmonize your methods

Managers? Train your project or product teams to harmonize best practices between PMs, POs and development teams. Thanks to this training, optimize your product management and facilitate the consolidation of finished product functionalities within your teams.

RNCP certification course

An itinerary based on the certified skills blocks of Montpellier Business School's Grande École program

Short, effective product manager training

65h over 4 months
Distance & face-to-face

Experienced agile coaches

Expert speakers on agility and product management


Why did you choose this course?

The art of becoming a Product Manager by Naya
Nathalie Peltier - NTT
Nicolas Coudret - NTT
François Abbe - Mesclado

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