Our offer

SmartView is a consulting and training firm dedicated to supporting its clients in their cultural transformation.

We are committed to understanding the specific context of each person and identifying the deep motivations for change. We challenge your priorities and ways of doing things to identify the best trajectory. We aim to build the transformation with and for you, not to know it beforehand. 

We rely on our knowledge of Agile and Collaboration principles and methodologies, as well as the tools that support them. We work with Atlassian, Microsoft and Enalean products.

We are convinced that we can help companies and people to grow by placing people at the heart of the transformation, with pride and honesty.


Consulting, coaching and training

Agile Product Management

Scrum - Kanban - SAFe






Consulting, deployment and training

Decision-making strategy


Data Governance


Help in choosing a tool


Consulting, deployment, integration and training

Audit & Recommendations

Knowledge base

Internal communication


Deployment, integration, migration, licensing and training


Transformation means adopting new methods and processes.

Concretely, we guide your Agile transition with our certified collaborators, within the framework of our Agile Product Management (APM) offer:

  • We train and coach your teams on Scrum or Kanban,
  • We train and support the transition to Agile at scale with SAFe.
  • We train and certify Product Managers.

We also support your IT or business service implementation based on ITIL best practices. Several of our consultants are ITIL v4 certified at SmartView.

Finally, and most recently at SmartView, we help you implement DevOps in your teams.


Rational decision making by aligning operational actions with strategic issues.

Transformation is a means to an end, not an end in itself. When you change the way you work and the way your teams are organized, it contributes to a broader objective. This objective can be specific, such as reducing time-to-market by 50%. It can be more general, like testing new products. At SmartView, we help you turn your strategic objectives into general indicators. Then, we turn your general indicators into operational indicators. This way, you can measure the contribution of each action to the achievement of your objectives. We help you set up your data governance. We help you develop a real Data culture in your teams. We want to develop your autonomy on the approach as well as on the decision-making tools. Our offer includes :

  • Defining your decision-making strategy
  • The definition of your decision-making and data governance
  • The choice of a BI tool, if you are not already equipped or if the current tool is no longer satisfactory
  • Automation of reporting
  • Setting up dashboards
  • Training of teams 
  • Measuring the Agile transformation


Transformation is easier with the right tools.

It is necessary to know why a tool is being deployed. However, the deployment of the tool feeds the reflection on its use. This iterative process is welcome.

Our intimate knowledge of the tools and our vision of the market make us experts in the deployment of On-Premises tools, in private or public cloud. Our consultants are accredited on the deployed products. We recommend that you stick to the standard configuration of the tools when it is the best choice. We also know when a specific one is justified.

With Atlassian, Microsoft and Enalean products, we support the tooling of :

We know and can integrate Atlassian and Microsoft tools together to gain even more productivity!

As a partner of Atlassian and Microsoft, we are also a license provider.


Your teams are your wealth, let them collaborate and capitalize efficiently!

Employees collaborate and learn from each other when sharing is simple and natural. Fostering collaboration in the enterprise increases employee engagement. It's critical that employees are able to share and capitalize on the company's work in progress, documentation, processes and tools. This is even more true when the company is undergoing a transformation. Sharing increases the efficiency and productivity of the company.

We coach you in all the collaborative dimensions. For that, we realize : 

  • Audits of your situation, with prioritized action plans
  • The implementation of internal or external knowledge base for your customers and partners.
  • The implementation of collaboration and internal communication platforms.

We rely on Microsoft SharePoint and Teams tools, as well as on Atlassian's wiki, Confluence

Sharing is really the link between Methods, Measurement and Tools.