Why choose SmartView?


Understanding your needs

We give our opinion on your projects and your requirements. We do not hesitate to challenge you, based on our experiences.



It is important that you are involved in the implementation of our solutions within your company. Our approach combines tools, implementation, training and governance support. It allows you to quickly become autonomous during your project.



SmartView helps you accelerate the adoption of processes and tools through a detailed analysis of your business practices. We identify and share with you the keys that will help you get started on your projects with confidence.



SmartView advises you on your Atlassian and Microsoft licenses and on the specifics of the pricing set up by the publishers. We also inform you of any changes in their pricing policies.


Field practice

Our consultants and coaches have extensive field experience. Whether as a manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master or team member in various fields of activity. We work in the banking, health and insurance sectors, but also with the public service, ESNs, editors and start-ups....


Training experience

We have conducted several hundred agility trainings since 2010, in-person, remote or e-learning mode. And this, for a wide variety of audiences, in a wide variety of industries.



We will be your advisor with a clear, frank and pragmatic speech. We will not make you dream of unattainable benefits to please you.

Customers: Why choose SmartView?

Cross-disciplinary expertise and skills

Culture, measurement, sharing and tools: more than expertise, we emphasize what drives us at SmartView: a simple but effective value proposition. We believe that people and a clear understanding of business needs come before processes and tools.

Pride, Initiative, Solidarity, Honesty: Smartview is built around these four core values which represent the foundation on which we base ourselves. Among ourselves or during our missions, we adhere to these fundamental values.

What our customers say about us

Candidates: why join us?

Liz MISBACH - Atlassian Consultant

If someone were to ask me "Why SmartView?", I would say that the company and its partners truly put people at the heart of their project.

Our opinion is listened to and heard. Everyone looks for solutions to problems when they arise in order to evolve together. And this is a luxury in my opinion in a company today.

This is not yet another marketing pitch to make the company seem human. What is shown is what exists behind the doors.

And this reality is important, at least for me.

Elie THEOCARI - Agile coach

Simply because SmartView corresponds to the idea I have of a company that wants to contribute to the society I want for tomorrow: respectful, fair, open, less focused on numbers and more focused on impact.