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"At SmartView, we believe that tools and methods serve people, and that a simple solution is the best way to equip a complex system.
Listening, understanding needs, and establishing effective governance are key to the success of each of our engagements."

  • Successfully implement and deploy your tools: we guarantee the successful deployment of your tools thanks to our mastery of best practices, which we know how to adapt to your corporate culture.
  • Train your teams to use the suite's tools, regardless of your profile: administrator, Product Owner, Scrum Master, business user, etc.
  • Audit the use of your tools and ensure that they are properly configured and integrated into your information system. Measure your users' satisfaction while improving their adoption.
  • Optimize your licenses in all simplicity, we take care of all the aspects related to the management of your Atlassian products: subscription, renewal, upgrade, ... and let you benefit from our expert advice.

Examples of missions


Deployment of Jira Service Management & Insight to replace EasyVista

Energy Atlassian

Protected: Boosting Jira's performance

Bank Atlassian

Atlassian Licenses

Atlassian Licenses

Cloud Migration

Atlassian Cloud Migration

Integrations and updates


Extract and archive

Atlassian integrations and updates


Single billing

Taking your licenses with SmartView means there are no surprises with currency fluctuations. As an Atlassian partner, we can align your billing dates.

Simplified approach

You have a unique contact, whether it is for Atlassian licenses or licenses of the plugins of the marketplace or of third party editors. It is easier for you to exchange with our collaborators and to have the important financial information.

Expert advice

We advise you on the user bands to subscribe and on the specificities of the Atlassian tariffs concerning the plugins. We inform you about possible changes in the pricing policy of the editor and about the roadmap of Atlassian.

Cloud Migration

We work with you in your projects of migration of your Atlassian server instances in the Cloud.

We have already carried out numerous migration missions, in which the teams have always been put at the center. As for all the projects we carry out, we insist on change management to avoid surprises and to ensure that your employees are on board.

We always start with an audit of your usage. This allows us to identify the needs for improvement, to simplify your instance (unnecessary plugins, duplicate configurations,...) and to set up an efficient governance.

Our approach

At SmartView, we consider the analysis phase to be the most important part of the migration. That's why we provide support and advice from the very beginning of this phase.

Migrating to the cloud is a real project that should not be taken lightly. It will require time and analysis, but it is an incredible opportunity to review your processes and realign them with your current uses.

Extract and archive

With our Aquarius plugin, we enable you to efficiently extract and archive data from Jira.

We have developed an expertise and a plugin, Aquarius, which enables you to export all Jira information in different formats, thus facilitating data retention for legal, financial or other purposes. Aquarius also facilitates migration to the Cloud or Data Center, enabling you to cleanse old or unused data from instances while keeping project data in-house.

Our plugin also offers a solution for improving Jira performance by allowing you to clean up unused projects and configurations while maintaining a data archive. Finally, Aquarius offers various use cases, such as providing selective access to data outside Jira, meeting certain RGPD requirements and facilitating the transition out of Jira to other solutions.

We are Atlassian Platinum partners specializing in ITSM and Cloud.

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