Social and Environmental Responsibility Charter - CSR

In order to respond to societal and environmental issues, SmartView has initiated a Social and Environmental Responsibility approach.

This approach is a natural extension of the company's values (Pride - Initiative - Solidarity - Honesty), which are mainly focused on our internal operations. It gives our organization an ambition that goes far beyond the economic and social challenges facing a private company in a competitive market...
This ambition is a source of progress and a unifying challenge for all the players in our company. It is a concrete objective giving meaning to work, and indirectly an element of "happiness in the company" for employees and associates.

Christophe MONNIER - President

Environmental policy

Simple, everyday gestures are part of our CSR policy and approach in order to respond, at our level, to current environmental issues.

This translates into commitments at all levels of the company's production, and into values that we share with our teams. We are proud to work with companies that share these same values.

"We do not inherit the land from our parents, we borrow it from our children."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Waste management
We apply a waste collection and treatment policy at all levels within the company. Collection, sorting and recycling of waste are some of the simple things we do. Whenever possible, we recycle waste first and foremost, and we have a composting facility for organic matter.


Paper management
Since the creation of the company, we have advocated a zero paper policy.


Travel management and use of public transport
We are committed to a systematic approach to minimizing travel, in particular through videoconferencing and web conferencing. When necessary, the travel of the company's employees is rationalized in the direction of public transport.


Management of workstations, work environments and premises
Workstation management is eco-responsible. Organization of the end of life of equipment, reduction of the electrical consumption of the park... No server, no fixed PC: 100% of the employees have a low energy consuming portable PC. All screens are turned off every evening, no equipment is left on standby at night, automatic standby is programmed during the day, etc.


Development of a Green IT policy for our clients and partners
As part of our consulting activities, we help our clients to develop their "Green IT" policy, in particular by reducing the environmental impact of their information systems.


Supplier commitments
The company selects its paper suppliers, printers and office supplies distributors according to sustainable development criteria.

Social and societal policy

The company's principles of social responsibility, in its human resources management and its actions with its employees, are reflected in various ways: to facilitate the integration and development of employees, to promote diversity and equal opportunities, and to improve the feeling of pleasure and happiness at work, wherever possible.

More than a human-sized company, we try to be
a human-sized company at all.


Close management and listening
We provide individual support to each employee in his or her career path within the company, through a dedicated manager. By promoting dialogue and common understanding, the manager leads the employee on the path to success and professional development. He/she encourages them to develop their skills on a daily basis.


Employee benefits and services
Our company has set up a range of benefits and services for its employees (Group health insurance, luncheon vouchers, company savings plan, profit-sharing plan).


Diversity, equal opportunities
We are committed to the development of a culture of promoting equal opportunities and respect for others and their differences.

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