Reduce your licensing costs and optimize your Microsoft 365 usage

Reduce your licensing costs and optimize your Microsoft 365 usage

Because the cheapest licenses are the ones you don't buy, 365Metrics lets you optimize your license budget and improve your Microsoft 365 usage.


365Metrics saves our customers an average of 15% on their Microsoft / Office 365 licenses.

With more than 500 license plans and a list of applications that is regularly enhanced, the Microsoft 365 suite is a complex and constantly evolving ecosystem. It's time-consuming for managers and administrators to keep track of license usage, identify possible improvements, or see the benefits of changing license plans.

With our dual role as experts on Microsoft 365 tools and license managers (tier 2), we regularly see the same questions coming up with our customers:

  • Who really uses my license? How can I save money?
  • Which plan is right for me? Should I make an annual or monthly commitment?
  • I have the impression that some people aren't making the most of certain tools. How can I help them?
  • Are good safety practices respected?
  • Who can get the best return on investment from our Copilot licenses?

365Metrics helps you answer all these questions by automating the analysis of key indicators, and presenting documented reporting with concrete corrective recommendations.

Control your Microsoft 365 licensing budget

Optimize your license plan and reduce your subscription costs with our financial analysis. 365Metrics detects under-utilized or unused licenses and suggests various adjustments to your subscription plan.

Accelerate adoption of Microsoft 365 tools

Quickly target topics requiring special attention, and help your users get to grips with the tools available to them.

365Metrics takes a point-by-point look at how your teams use the tools in the Microsoft 365 suite, focusing on key themes such as security, document management and communication.

Improve the dissemination of best practices in corporate collaboration

Each indicator offers a segmentation by department and service within your organization: assess the training and support needs of your teams experiencing the most difficulties with certain tools.

Target the dissemination of best practices to the right people and on the most relevant subjects.

Secure deployment with results in a matter of hours


Flexibility and simplicity

365Metrics is a 100% SaaS solution, hosted on a secure Microsoft Azure space. There are no hidden costs: everything is included!


Quick analysis

The analysis is carried out remotely in just a few hours, depending on the volume of your users and your tools. It is followed by oral and written feedback.


Confidential and secure

All information collected is confidential and shared only with you. They are deleted with your validation at the end of the restitution.


Expert support

An expert accompanies you throughout the audit, analyzing the data alongside you. The proposed areas for improvement are tailored to your specific situation.

They trust us 💚

SmartView named Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work

We are proud to have been awarded the Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work label, demonstrating our expertise.

And our service is available on the Microsoft marketplace.