Support for agile transformation and program management in an international software & hardware program

Industry Design & manufacture of surgical assistance robots
2 years

The mission: objectives, issues and results


  • Accompany the agile transformation of the entire organization (6 then 10 teams)
  • Standardize agile approaches within hardware, software and system teams (> 100 people)

Activities carried out

  • Deployment of agile practices and training of actors
  • Raising awareness of management and executive management
  • Coaching of actors (Product Owner, Scrum Master, teams, management, stakeholders...)
  • Workshop facilitation: PI Planning (SAFe) with the Montpellier and Montreal teams.
  • Implementation of continuous improvement

An agile coach works part-time with the teams, with management and with other coaches in France and abroad to help improve the way the whole program operates.

This consists of observing and debriefing recurring team events, participating in project and steering committees to facilitate overall program progress and provide visibility on the progress of organizational operations, and assisting in the implementation of appropriate prioritization indicators and frameworks.

Our coach helps to implement the SAFe framework for agility at the client's scale, and contributes to the preparation and animation of PI Plannings which take place in hybrid face-to-face + remote mode, with a number of teams located internationally.

Our coach also contributes to the implementation of communication and collaboration practices that promote exchanges between teams located in time slots that are not always compatible, between Western Europe and Canada. He himself participates in meetings and operations that bring together players in France and abroad.

Results obtained

  • Identification of difficulties and areas for improvement in R&D
  • Standardization and optimization of work methods of teams in France and Canada with different approaches and tools
  • Improved collaboration and time-to-market

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