Support for agile transformation and program management at a legal tech publisher

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4 months

The mission: objectives, issues and results


The client was undertaking a redesign of its flagship product, a software for notary offices traditionally in heavy client, relatively obsolete and whose deployment process forced to have dozens of different versions of the same product at the customers.

To do this, it set up a program organization with five cross-functional teams that would work together to implement a new software in SaaS mode, adopting an agile approach to be able to quickly derisit and deliver value regularly.

He sought the support of a coach capable of guiding the various teams towards an optimal operating mode: regular delivery of value, transparency, collaboration, optimized communication, quality, etc.

Actions taken

  • 80% of the mission (4 days per week) with a coach accompanying the different teams. The coach's mission was to help each team to grow independently, but also to accompany the program from a transverse point of view / steering / increase in competence of the organization.
  • Observation and debriefing of recurring team events (Scrum events: Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective, refinements).
  • Participate in various program level committees to facilitate these and provide visibility on the program's progress in terms of functional and organizational advancement.
  • Facilitation of the work of the teams through the organization and the animation of specific workshops.
  • Consulting in the progressive implementation of visual management, the matching between group tools (Azure DevOps, Teams, SharePoint...) and the good practices of use.
  • Leading cross-team events, inside and outside the program, to raise awareness of the benefits and prerequisites of an agile approach among client teams.
  • Animation and participation in the agile community of practice set up at the customer's site, with the aim of increasing the skills of employees and empowering customer teams.

Results obtained

  • Contribution to the implementation of a generative corporate culture.
  • Better prioritization of needs under the guidance of our coach.
  • Better limitation of work in progress, leading to effectively finishing topics before starting others, thus reducing the overall traversal time.
  • Better understanding of agility by the employees, leading to a better autonomy in the teams instead of relying on Scrum Masters only.
  • Harmonization of the agile practices of the different teams
  • Delivery in effective production of an iso-old software perimeter realized during 2021 on the basis of the advice given by our coach during his visit to the customer.
  • Agile documentation and metrics still used by client employees in their operational work to this day.

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