Supporting agile transformation and program management in the public sector

Energy French research organization in the field of energy
4 years old

The mission: objectives, issues and results


Application scope: overhaul and evolution of a complex IS (project of about 1000 days)

Objective: to really meet the user's needs and complete the project planned over 4 years with 2 subcontracted services (development, TRA)

Challenge: to control risks and to allow for adaptation during the course of the project in order to meet the business needs within the projected budget and timeframe.

Actions taken

Several support services for 4 years:

  • Opportunity study of an agile approach (collaborative approach with the purchasing/legal department and the project team), then assistance in setting up the two contracts for agile market engineering;
  • Project team coaching and agility training;
  • Product Owner Coaching;
  • Assistance in the preparation of the project and the project team at the start of the project.

Results obtained

Contracts validated and in progress.

Client's project team in the process of gaining competence.

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