Agility through practice


Terms and conditions

2 days
4 to 12 people
Required level:
All profiles


Materials needed:
30% theory 50% hands-on experience based on and/or MCQs + discussions 20% discussion, Q/R
Business coach and agility trainer
Distanciel possible Face-to-face possible Support and course in French Support and course in English
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Inter : 800€ / participant

Intra: €3,600

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Learning objectives

  • I understand the benefits and proper use of agility
  • I understand the roles, responsibilities and interactions of agile stakeholders
  • I practice and can implement agile practices within a team or organization



  • Discovering the group
  • Presentation of the edutainment approach
  • Workshop: getting to know yourself better

Introduction to agility

  • Why be agile?
  • The agile manifesto
  • The benefits of agile approaches
  • Overview of agile approaches (Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, etc.)
  • Workshop : experimenting with a flow approach

A new organization of people

  • Vertical and horizontal organization
  • Notions of silos and cross-functionality
  • The main roles, their qualities and activities
  • Workshop : discovering the key roles of agile approaches

Agile product management

  • From vision to functionality
  • The backlog and its elements
  • Building a product backlog
  • Workshops : carrying out a project with and without an overall vision; mapping a product backlog

Agile planning

  • Agile estimating: theory and techniques
  • Effort and progress indicators
  • Agile short- and medium-term planning
  • Workshop: effort estimation for single activities or a complete batch of activities

Scrum for agility

  • Visual management and flow improvement practices
  • Regular team synchronization
  • Regular product review
  • Hindsight for continuous improvement
  • Workshop 360: putting Scrum into practice in a product construction workshop or in the management of a department

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