Become a Scrum Master


Terms and conditions

2 days
4 to 10 people
Required level:
Especially for Scrum Masters and team managers
Have followed the module : Understanding the agile approach
Materials needed:
Computer and Internet connection
50% theory 40% practical on identified use cases identified beforehand and/or MCQs + exchanges 10% exchanges, Q/R
Business coach and agility trainer
Distance learning possible Face to face possible Support and course in French
Next sessions:
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Inter : 800€ / participant

Intra: €3,600

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Learning objectives

  • I have a deeper understanding of the interactions between the different roles in and around the team and the expectations of each.
  • I understand in more detail how the Scrum framework works.
  • I understand the difference between manager and leader and the posture expected of the Scrum Master.
  • I understand the challenges of organizational transformation and the role of the Scrum Master in that transformation.


Introduction to agility

  • Reminder of the history and the fundamentals

Individuals and interactions in an agile approach

  • A new organization of people
  • The main roles

Agile product management

  • Reminders

Agile planning

  • Reminders on planning and estimates
  • Estimation techniques
  • Reminders on Release Planning


  • Reminders on Scrum events
  • Reminders on visual management
  • Focus on the Sprint Retrospective

Self-management of an agile team

  • The evolution of management
  • The agile team
  • Self-organization
  • The delegation
  • The role of the Scrum Master


  • Multi-team organization
  • Multi-team collaboration

To go further

  • A word on contractualization
  • The transition to more agility
  • Some resources

Preparation for certification

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