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In this article, I will introduce you to searching and sharing filters in Jira. In theprevious article, we created a simple filter.

For the moment, this filter is only accessible by myself. To make it visible to other users, you have to share it. When my filter is displayed, I click on the "Information" button, then on "Modify permissions". 

How to share your Jira filter with other users?

I can now choose who I want to share the filter with. 

Who can I share my filters with?

There are 2 types of filter sharing in Jira. On the one hand, the list of users who will have the right to see the filter and to execute it, the "readers". On the other hand, the "editors" who have the right to modify the filter. The sharing is done in the same way for both. So I will only show you how to add readers. 

I can choose to share the filter only with a user group, with members of a project, with all users who have access to the application or in public mode. The public mode gives access to the filters to visitors who are not logged in. It requires that the application is configured to accept anonymous connections.

Sharing your filter: the different user groups

If I choose "Group", I have access to the list of groups. For example, I can choose the group "Jira-administrators". To confirm my selection, I don't forget to click on the "+Add" button next to the selection. 

If I choose "Project", I can choose the members of an entire project, for example the "Teams in space" project, or limit it to certain project roles. For example, I can choose only the administrators of the Teams in space project.

Some tips on sharing the filter

As we can see, we can accumulate shares. 

In the list of groups, I can only see the ones I belong to. Similarly, I can only see the projects I have access to and only the roles of the projects I belong to. 

I then click on "Save".

Here it is, my filter is now accessible with the people I shared it with.

So be careful, sharing a filter with members of a project does not mean that it returns requests from that project. And this sharing has no effect on the visibility of the requests it returns. 

If I share a filter with the users of the Teams in space project, it means that it is accessible by these users even if it brings back requests that are not accessible to them. 

Share your Jira filters automatically

If you frequently share requests with Jira users, you can configure your profile to do this automatically. 

Automatic Jira filter sharing

To do this, click on your avatar (your profile picture at the top right of your screen), then on "Profile". On the profile page, click on the pencil icon next to "Preferences". Then, for the "Sharing" setting, choose the "Shared" option. Finally, click on "Update". This way, all the filters you create will be shared by default with all users. 

We've seen how to share the filters we've created. Now let's see how to work with filters shared by other people. To do this, click on "Tickets" in the menu bar, then "Current Search" or "Search Tickets". 

Find your Jira filters: favorite filters

On the left, you will see a list of your favorite filters. By default, the filters you create are automatically added to your favorite filters. I can run them at any time by clicking on their name in the list. If I have used these filters recently, they can be found in the "Ticket" menu in Jira.

Jira filters created by other users

Of course I may need to access filters that have been created by others. To do this, I need to find them first. I click on "Find Filters", which is in the left menu, under the "New Filter" button. You can search for filters on a part of the name, on the name of their creator (the "owner" of the filter), or the users with whom they are shared. These different criteria can be combined.

Search for your own filters or filters created by other users

Once I find the filter I want, I click on its name to run it. I can also click on the star icon, which adds it to my list of favorite filters. This way I can access it quickly and easily. 

Let's go back to the filter search window. In the left-hand menu, the "Favorite" option shows a list of my favorite filters. The second option, "My", shows the list of filters I have created. Finally, the "Popular" option allows you to access the filters that are added to favorites the most by users. Note that to delete a filter, the easiest way is to search for it in the "My" list. You can then delete it using the action button (cogwheel icon in front of the filter name). To do this, click on it and choose the "Delete" option. When the pop-up window appears, click on "delete" again. 

Now you know how to share your filters and search for filters created by other users. In the next article we will see how to export Jira search results

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Stéphane GENIN

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