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On December 11 and 12, 2023, the Atlassian event Unleash by Atlassian was held in Amsterdam. For a privileged few from Smarties, these days were an opportunity to meet partners, and to engage in enriching discussions with our customers around Atlassian-related topics. This enabled us to forge links with key players in the sector across Europe, but above all, to delve into the latest news that the Atlassian team has in store for us in the months and years to come. We've chosen to focus on a new feature that has already been implemented and is developing at high speed:artificial intelligence.

No, AI won't take your place!

Without a doubt, if we had to remember just one thing from this event, it would be AI (Atlassian Intelligence, of course!). This feature promises to revolutionize the daily lives of users of Cloud tools such as Jira Software, Confluence and Jira Service Management.

It's not a question of replacing humans, but rather of increasing individual productivity and making the most of each person's potential thanks to AI. Already widely integrated within Atlassian itself, this new functionality is used by 90% of in-house employees.

A highlight of the Unleash by Atlassian event: intuitive translation of natural language into JQL queries.

Among the key AI-related announcements, the ability to translate requests expressed in natural language into JQL (Jira Query Language) queries stands out. This feature greatly simplifies the use of the tool, making the experience more intuitive and efficient.

What's more, we can generate complete comments or summarize them using AI. This offers flexibility and time savings in project management. It's now possible to personalize the way you communicate and document each project, adapting language and style as required. Once again, the promise of time savings and greater efficiency.

Big Data and AI: a crucial synergy

Discussions also focused on the use of Big Data. Atlassian supports a key warning: " garbage in, garbage out". This underlines the importance of providing quality data to exploit the full potential of AI. Why is this? Because the quality of results depends directly on the quality of the input data.

Freeing teams for greater innovation

Beyond task automation, Atlassian's vision explores AI as a means of freeing users from the constraints of everyday tasks. The aim is to enable teams to focus more on strategy and innovation. And let AI handle the operational aspects.

In conclusion, Unleash by Atlassian was much more than just an event. It was an immersive dive into the Atlassian universe thanks to speakers from all over the world, a concrete glimpse of how AI will transform the way we work with Atlassian Cloud tools, and the future promises to be exciting.

See this FAQ for more information on this new feature.

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